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Project Description

XVI Workshop in Economic Integration (2018)

Date and venue

November 28 (Thursday) and 29 (Friday) Directions to the XVI Inteco Workshop

Sala de Grados , Faculty of Law and Economics, Jaume I University, Campus del Riu Sec, Castellón de la Plana

Keynote Speaker

Mario Larch (University of Bayreuth) – «Roman transport network connectivity and economic integration»

ROUND TABLE: Risk sharing in the euro area

Román Escolano (CUNEF)

Adrià Morron (CaixaBank)

Jean-Baptiste Gossé (Banque de France)

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  • «Determinants of German outward FDI in the EU: a comparative assessment using GLM estimators» Laura Montolio (University of Valencia), Mariam Camarero (Jaume I University) and Cecilio Tamarit (University of Valencia).
  • «Is there a euro effect in the drivers of US FDI? New evidence using Bayesian Model Averaging techniques» Sergi Moliner (Jaume I University), Mariam Camarero (Jaume I University) and Cecilio Tamarit (University of Valencia).
  • «Market power in the Spanish banking sector: the effect of multimarket contact and its intensity» Paula Cruz (University of Valencia), Juan Fernández de Guevara (University of Valencia and IVIE) and Joaquín Maudos (University of Valencia and IVIE).
  • «Is Euro Area Sovereign Debt sustainable after all? A probabilistic approach» Josep Navarro (Catholic University of Valencia and University of Barcelona) and Juan Sapena (Catholic University of Valencia and University of Barcelona).
  • «The impact of Free Trade Agreements on MENA exports of intermediate and final goods» Inmaculada Martínez Zarzoso (Jaume I University), Paula L. Vogler (University of Goettingen) and Adriana Cardozo (University of Goettingen).
  • «Granularity in regional exports» Franciso Requena (University of Valencia).
  • «Job satisfaction and offshoring» Juliette Milgram (University of Granada).
  • «Economic complexity and trade» Rafael Myro (Complutense University of Madrid), Jordi Paniagua (University of Valencia) and Agustí Segarra (Rovira i Virgili University).
  • «Corporate debt, capital flows, and international business cycles» Tommaso Trani (University of Navarra).
  • » Public finance sustainability in Europe: A behavioral model» Gilles Dufrénot (Aix-Marseille University) and Carolina Ulloa (Aix-Marseille University).
  • «Seasonal bubbles and volatility models» Tomás del Barrio (University of the Balearic Islands), Alain Hecq (Maastricht University) and Sean Telg (Maastricht University).
  • «New risk sharing channels in OECD countries: A heterogeneous panel VAR approach» Pierfederico Asdrubali (John Cabot University), Soyoung Kim (Seoul National University), Filippo Pericoli (Joint Research Centre) and Pilar Ponceda (Joint Research Centre).
  • «Trade agreements and international technology transfer» Inmaculada Martínez Zarzoso (Jaume I University) and Santiago Chelada (University of Buenos Aires).
  • «Free Trade Agreements and Latin America trade» Ayman El Dahrawy Sánchez-Albornoz (Bank of Spain) and Jacopo Timini (Bank of Spain).
  • «Does backward participation in GVCs affect countries’ current account position?» Antonia López Villavicencio (University Lumière Lyon) and Valérie Mignon (University of Paris Nanterre).
  • » Quality of government and regional trade: Evidence from European Union regions» Javier Barbero (Joint Research Centre), Giovanni Mandras (Joint Research Centre), Ernesto Rodríguez Crespo (Autonomous University of Madrid) and Andrés Rodríguez Pose (London School of Economics).
  • «Quality of government and economic growth at the municipal level. Evidence from the Spanish municipalities» Maria Teresa Balaguer (Jaume I University), Isabel Narbón (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Jesús Peiró (University of Valencia) and Emili Tortosa (Jaume I University).

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